3 Easy Steps To Be A Video Game Tester

I make my living by playing free video games. Can you imagine being able to do what you enjoy doing the most and you will get paid for it? Sounds like a fantasy, right? There are so many gamers today that are getting paid with hefty paycheck just to test the upcoming consoles or playing the latest games as video game testers. And it is only a three (3) easy steps on how to start in this gaming career.

CREATE GAME TESTER RESUME — In contrast to what the others believe, the video game tester is really a job mainly in the gaming industry which many gaming aficionados vie for. However, because this is a job and getting paid as a game tester or beta game tester is not always just about fun and excitements. This job is not necessarily meant you are just going to sit in front of the tube for hours and play and after a few days you collect a hefty paycheck. So, you will need the skills and resume qualifying for the position. Know how to make a valid resume for this job is important too. You can get guidance at the GamingJobsOnline.com to create an impressive video game tester resume.

SUBMIT YOUR RESUME TO THE GAMING DBASE.  Over the time, video game tester jobs have caught the attention of the public. More and more game developers are becoming aware of the importance of game testers as they are the essential in finding and in reporting errors during the early stage development. So, many fraudulent adverts are already there scattered over the internet some are asking for a fee and some say it is only a deposit for the gadgets. BUT the truth is, you only need GamingJobsOnline.com. It is a membership site for all who want to know more information about this career.  You’ll see, if you are planning to be a video game tester as part time, you will need access to thousands of job opportunities at their database.

INTERVIEW. Now, the company wants to interview you. Try to make sure to present yourself professionally. At the same time, don’t be afraid to brag about your experiences and how many games or consoles you already own. It is also PLUS points to describe how passionate you are as a video gamer such as how many hours a day you spend in gaming. Experience counts!

7 thoughts on “3 Easy Steps To Be A Video Game Tester

  1. I checked out your site and would like more info on how this works.
    I own a playstation 3 and play alot, and would love to test out some games for you guys.

  2. i have played videos for over 12 yrs an there is no one game i have not beaten an have found a flaw in all an found ways they could had process in different forms to extend all levels an made them where games could had gone on to another story of new games. I would like to be a tester.
    sheldonsnyderman @yahoo.com

  3. Hi! I am not young, but my gaming reflexes was very good for action/sports/logical or to play any games… that was since 1980!
    I become my 1st C64 and up to a very-high end PC this time.
    Also i need more money to our household so I would like to be a tester…

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  5. can you tell me why cant i log in, when i try to log in it says that im not authorize to view the site, and im a member already? need help

  6. hi. i just made the payment and cant figure out how to get started.how do i sign in.they just send me a bill regarding my payment but no future information…pls help.:)

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