Linguistic Video Game Tester

Video game tester jobs online is now becoming a popular and the fastest money making job which is catered in, where the only name of the game is ‘play to earn’. It allows you to play and test the latest video games that are not yet available in the market. This job doesn’t need a person to be professional to become a video game tester, for as long as you love to play games and have multiple skills, you will be able to earn the money while playing to test the games.

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Some game developers are looking for video game testers who have an extra knowledge in language such as Spanish, Korean or Nihonggo. This is called the Linguistic video game testers. They are responsible in reporting language error that needs corrections. It allows you to proofread the text while playing.  If you have the knowledge with at least two or more languages, this job is suitable for you plus an extra pay compared to the ordinary video game testers’ pay.Become A Game TesterLinguistic video game testers’ job possesses an exciting arena and experience that may look good in your profile. It might compensate the job in the long run. This job is fun and exciting but may also involve a huge amount of your time and flexibility in order to complete the tasks the job entails. Some of the linguistic video game testers were assigned with some other tasks that need to detect some localized bugs.

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What Is It Like to Be a Video Game Tester?

Many of young adults who are passionate about video games aspire to get employment as video game testers without much idea with regards to the tasks and responsibilities that they are going to undertake. This has caused disappointments to some people who thought that being a video game tester is just as simple as getting paid by playing video games and nothing more.

So, in order for you to have some idea of what it is like to be video game tester, here are the two of the most basic tasks that you are more likely going to undertake as a game tester:

Video Game Quality Assurance

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Testing for Compliance

Compliance testing is checking if a new design [game] can meet the technical requirements of a particular platform. A game tester is expected to run the game to make sure that it meets the technical requirements needed to get a license before publication.

Compatibility Test

This is somewhat tedious task because a tester has to perform a certain task repeatedly in order to discover how a crash or any anomalies occur. To accomplish this task, the tester must record all his actions in order to determine if there is a particular pattern that leads to an error.

Video game testing jobs has been the stepping stone to a lot of successful game developers and video graphic designers; and you too can make it big in the future as you gain experience and expertise in this field.

Work Opportunities for Gaming Geeks

So you want to work at home and get paid? There are many opportunities in the Internet to earn extra money. Probably the easiest and coolest way to earn money is through where you get to play video games and get paid!


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We’ve listed all the facts that you need to know:

- Game testing is part of video game development to spot glitches and improve the over-all setting of the game

- Game developers are likely to get “blind” from all these glitches after many days and hours spent developing the games

- Game manufacturing companies hire common people to test their products to come up with only the best

- They will be raking in millions of dollars in return that is why they value your opinion and even pay you for it.

- Video game testers can earn up $1000 monthly if you worked full time

- Part- time video game testers can earn up to $300 – $500 weekly

- Your paycheck is determined on the quantity of your projects and the time spent working on these projects

- You will be working at the comforts of your home or wherever there is a computer and an Internet connection

- Your daily work will revolve around testing and making reviews on the freshest video games that will hit the stores soon

- You will also answer online surveys and questionnaires, join the online forums and discuss nothing but video games to fellow video game testers

This job is probably the easiest and coolest ways to earn extra dollars. Playing and testing video game is also a great way to make that extra income.

Becoming a Game Tester – Takes More than Being a Game Lover

Aptitude in playing video games is somehow imperative to become a video game tester, but you don’t need to be a video game champion! You just have to be a game fanatic, someone with a heart, a gamer who need not beat the game but beat the odds – to find errors and bugs – for the love of the game.

Therefore you must be observant and have propensity to find glitches.  However, familiarity with various video games is an advantage as well as some technical knowledge.

Aside from simple technical know-how, tenacity and being responsible are also important qualities that you must possess. In the real world of video game testers, you may have to spend many hours not simply playing those video games like the way you would leisurely do at home, but rather, you sometimes have to play just a segment of the game over and over to check for errors & glitch.

Excellent communication skill in oral and written form is also important. You need to make reports about the bugs and errors that you will discover, and relay the information to the game programmers in order for them to solve it. This makes video game tester a part of product research and development team.

All in all, it takes a passionate gamer to become a video game tester. As a veterinarian must have deep concern for the health and welfare of animals, similarly to the video game testers. They must perform their tasks not simply to enjoy playing games and get paid, but to dedicate their passion to the refinement of video games to comply with the quality assurance.

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3 Easy Steps To Be A Video Game Tester

I make my living by playing free video games. Can you imagine being able to do what you enjoy doing the most and you will get paid for it? Sounds like a fantasy, right? There are so many gamers today that are getting paid with hefty paycheck just to test the upcoming consoles or playing the latest games as video game testers. And it is only a three (3) easy steps on how to start in this gaming career.

CREATE GAME TESTER RESUME — In contrast to what the others believe, the video game tester is really a job mainly in the gaming industry which many gaming aficionados vie for. However, because this is a job and getting paid as a game tester or beta game tester is not always just about fun and excitements. This job is not necessarily meant you are just going to sit in front of the tube for hours and play and after a few days you collect a hefty paycheck. So, you will need the skills and resume qualifying for the position. Know how to make a valid resume for this job is important too. You can get guidance at the to create an impressive video game tester resume.

SUBMIT YOUR RESUME TO THE GAMING DBASE.  Over the time, video game tester jobs have caught the attention of the public. More and more game developers are becoming aware of the importance of game testers as they are the essential in finding and in reporting errors during the early stage development. So, many fraudulent adverts are already there scattered over the internet some are asking for a fee and some say it is only a deposit for the gadgets. BUT the truth is, you only need It is a membership site for all who want to know more information about this career.  You’ll see, if you are planning to be a video game tester as part time, you will need access to thousands of job opportunities at their database.

INTERVIEW. Now, the company wants to interview you. Try to make sure to present yourself professionally. At the same time, don’t be afraid to brag about your experiences and how many games or consoles you already own. It is also PLUS points to describe how passionate you are as a video gamer such as how many hours a day you spend in gaming. Experience counts!