Game Testers Wanted

Do you desire to play video games and earn at the same time? Yes you can! Today, there is a kind of job available that let you play the games like what you are doing at home. By playing, the game development company will pay you to test those games they are currently developing. They pay a minimum of $ 8 an hour.

Currently, this is the time to get started as it is the busiest season for the developing company. There are many game testers wanted in different State across the America. If you are an entry level to this job and want to gain experience, this season is your chance. You can look on many job advertisements across the papers and net. However, you should be careful on some ads posted. There are illegitimate job ads asking you for some money for the gadgets you needed to test their game. The truth is, those gadgets and consoles are provided by the company.

You can avoid this kind of situation. There is a that has the list of legitimated jobs from the legitimate companies. It is regularly updated with fresh gaming testers and developers requirements. This is exclusive to their members only. There are full time, part time, home based and per contract basis jobs available.

So, what are you waiting for? Gain your experience now and prepare your video game tester resume. Today is the busiest season and many companies are looking for many passionate players like you.

Get Paid to Play Video Games

Are you wondering if you can earn money by doing what you most like? Is playing video games can earn you money? Is the salary huge? All the answer to your questions is YES! You can earn a lucrative salary as a video game tester. In fact, this job is the most sought position today especially for people who want earn money without giving up their lifestyle.

If you think if this is a job for dropouts, you are certainly mistaken. This is a job which most game development companies are looking for passionate video game player with minimal skills requirement. The reason of this simple qualification is easy to understand. They need enthusiast people who can play the game over and over again. If you think this is an easy job, think again. Testing the game by playing repeatedly is not an easy task. You are still required to play the same game at the nth times AFTER the challenge worn out. This is the kind of work that most video game addict players can endure.

The salary for the entry level is $ 8 per hour. If you want on bigger pay outs and work on full time, you have to get an experience first but you can have the luck here even you don’t have one. You also have the chance to promote yourself from the entry level position to the quality assurance (QA) leader or to other related jobs. You may also use this as part of your experience if you want to be a game developer too!  Who knows you can own your developing company one day.

If you are interested to be a video game tester, the can help you. The site offers a gaming jobs databank that is updated with fresh new jobs regularly.

Game Tester Jobs for Beginners

Do you want to work in one of the most entertaining industry in the market? In the game development companies? Not only they provide entertainment to their customers but they also provide entertaining jobs to someone like you. If you are the person who loves to play video games in unknown period of hours a day, perhaps, you have some sleepless nights trying to finish the challenge the game gives, video game job is the most suitable profession for you.

Video game jobs are not only for drop outs. It is for people who want to establish a career in the entertainment market and the game tester is the best entry level position for those who would like to aspire in this career. Today is the game development season when many company starts hiring to fill the available positions they need. In fact with the many requirements for personnel, most of the job posted does not require many skills and others do not require any skills at all – just you and your passion for playing the video games.

What are you waiting for? Apply now and get your experience as a game tester. This experience is vital for level up in this career especially if you want to have the full time job. There are many fresh jobs available at the Their jobs databank is updated regularly. Become a member now and be the first to know the jobs that are available in your area. There are thousands of them – home based, part time, full time, by locations, entry-level and many more.

Video Game Tester 105 – How to Apply

Now, you already know how to write a great video game tester resume that will make good impressions on the recruiting personnel. The tips from the previous article, Video Game Tester 104 – Video Game Tester Resume, not only make sense on the recruitment personnel but also to the resume databank of the big game development companies. There are important keywords that you need include in case the picking up of relevant candidates are computer generated.

The next question is ‘how to apply?’ This is what most first time job applicants for gaming tester position ask. There are many video game tester job openings available but many are scams, some are old posts already. On finding the legitimate jobs, you can visit the GamingJobsOnline.Com. The GamingJobsOnline.Com has the job databank regularly updated with the available job openings from different gaming companies. Before applying for a position, here are the tips that will help you land on your dream job.

Finding a job. By becoming a member of, you will instantly gain a lifetime access to their job databank which is exclusive for their members only. If you become a member, you made a significant shortcut on finding video game tester jobs in the world of webs.

Sending Your Resume. You need to prepare your resume in different formats. When you are planning to send your resume for emailing, make sure it is on ASCII format. If possible, try attached the nicely formatted resume and copy-paste the ASCII format in your email.  The ASCII format is necessary for digital searching on the companies’ database.

Contact Information. You have sent your resume to several companies, make sure your telephone or mobile lines are not busy in case they try to reach you. Always check your emails too. Prepare for scheduled interviews.

Video Game Tester 104 – Video Game Tester Resume

The video Game Tester or the Quality Assurance (QA) tester is a job and in order to apply you will need a resume. This is vital when applying to any job and game tester is not an exemption. The right resume content is important to help you get the job you wanted. Writing a resume should be in the right niche on the job you are targeting to help you get noticed and land you to the job you wanted. Here are some important tips when creating your video game tester resume.

On top of your Resume. Of course, you should not forget your personal information on the top of your resume. Your name, address and contact information are vital here. However, there are things you can do on the top to help you get notice quick. Instead of the same old boring personal information, why not add something that will catch the attention of the recruiting personnel? Add a glimpse of your achievements or title on it, some keyword relevant to the video game tester job. For example:

Ramil Geronimo

5254 Katchina Lane

Anywhere, Illinois

(808) 143-5254

Video Game Tester 

3 years of successful experience in quality assurance game testing and development in multiple platforms

Expert Video Game Tester

Outstanding  Troubleshooting and Problem Solving Skills


Make a Summary of your Skills. Below the given box example above, you write down a summary of your skills to catch a good impression on you. Give them the reason why they need to hire you and why you are suitable in the job position.

“Proficient in Windows, Mac platforms and in several software applications. Efficient analytical, problem-solving, troubleshooting and decision-making skills. Able to solve complex problems and can provide working solutions. Can work in a team environment and assist others. Can work well under pressure.”

There are many factors to consider when writing a video game tester resume. The given samples are just a few of important tips. For other useful information to help you land on your dream job, keep visiting and become a member for the latest updates.

After writing your resume, the Video Game Tester 105 – How to Apply will be your final step on becoming a video game tester.