Entry Level Video Game Tester Job

Job overview:

A non-contractual video game tester job from a third party video game developer, applicants must possess good oral and written English. Must be at least 18 years old and should have great interest and knowledge about different game consoles.

Hours per day: 5-8 hours

Rate: $8-$10 dollars per hour

Job Duties:
* Play and test video games.
* Accurately write bug reports using a PC-based tool.
* Report results to the team Lead.

More information can be found at the video game tester jobs homepage.

5 thoughts on “Entry Level Video Game Tester Job

  1. Sounds like the pefect job for me. I have lots of free time and a job like this is something I can look foward to doing everyday or for the time needed.

  2. Love Videogames and always finding glitches and problems would be perfect for the job

  3. hi,

    i been playing video games since i was a kid. i loves games. the creativity is amazing. i’ve played on different gaming systems xbox ps3 psp ds etc. im looking for paying job. i believe there should be more woman in the video game industry. thanks annalisa

  4. I play video games in more hours a day than i do actually working at my full time job. This would be a great way to help supplement my income.

  5. I love the gaming industry all togeather. I would love to become a game tester mainly because i feel that people should be able to trust that the game they purchased is everything they hoped that it would be. i have no expierienc as a game tester however i have been a gamer for many years, so i know what we gamers expect from a game and i will do my best to please the game universe. I truly look forward to hearing back.

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