Fast Facts on Video Game Testing Jobs

Fast Facts on Video Game Testing JobsSo you want to be a video game tester? You have spent summers of your childhood with the entire Street fighter and Tekken gang? Either you are unemployed or were bored to death by your current day job. You are on the right path my friend. Video game testing is probably the easiest thing to do for a living, for extra cash or just for the fun of it.

Here is a quick factsheet on probably the easiest thing to do for a living:

  • Big companies actually hire common people to test and review their video games for glitches. They want your feedbacks oh-so-badly to come up with perfect video games that will score them paychecks amounting to millions!
  • Video game testing is actually part of the entire game development process. Game develops tend to get blinded with what they do so they need external feedbacks.
  • A video game tester can earn $300 per month or $500 weekly depends on the quantity and quality of their output
  • And the only thing they have to do is register at and get projects such as answering surveys, viewing video game trailers, joining forums and the like.

Apart from these, there are many opportunities waiting for at Not only you get to work at home at comfort of your pajamas and mom’s cooking, you also get to earn without sweating that much. The advent of high technology has truly expanded not only creative processes but also has given alternative work opportunities. This is what video game testing job is about! So, sign up now at be a member at!

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