Funny Games Video Game Tester Job – Big Fish Game Development Openings

There are many funny games developments today and many video game testers will be needed to fill vacant job positions. Like the Big Fish, one of the largest game development company in the world. It is famous for their online strategy games, puzzle games, mind games and so on and so forth.  Big Fish have many game projects today. It needs many video game players and video game testers like you to fill the required positions.

The Job

·         Monitoring, tracking bug errors in the database

·         Reporting, fixing and testing bugs found

·         Create case reports against the games and logging issues

·         Communicate and report to the quality assurance leaders and producers throughout the testing process

·         Work and assists other video game testers on a group within the project

The Job Requirements

·         Two years technical experience as a video game tester using Mac or PC games platforms

·         Can work independently, know how to log bugs, write case reports and test cases

·         Had an adept knowledge on Mac interface, hardware and operating system

·         Have an extensive knowledge in troubleshooting Mac platform

·         Inquisitive personality and have the passion in playing Mac games

·         Loves to play video games and can play at long extensive hours

·         Easy to learn and follow instructions

·         Can work as team

·         Can work on different time shift schedules in multiple projects

·         Time flexible and can work during the weekend

·         Have an extensive knowledge or background with the development of the game project

·         Excellent in written and oral communication

If you believe that you are qualified for the video game tester position, apply now at the

2 thoughts on “Funny Games Video Game Tester Job – Big Fish Game Development Openings

  1. hi,

    i been playing video games since i was a kid. i loves games. the creativity is amazing. i’ve played on different gaming systems xbox ps3 psp ds etc. im looking for paying job. i believe there should be more woman in the video game industry. thanks annalisa

  2. How i can making money on this game? How i can apply for this job?

    Do i have to by product games?

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