Game Tester Job Openings

If you ever wondered where your passion of playing video games will lead you to, well, there are many game tester job openings across the America. As a video game tester, the company will pay you by testing their developments to ready them to the market and testing the game means you will be playing it many times until there will be no bugs found. You will be playing it until perfection and ready to be sold in the market.

Why does the company need to hire players? The answer is really simple. The developer will need passionate players like you to test the game that is being develop and being ready to the market. They want to provide the quality entertainment before selling them and to provide that entertainment the game should pass to their standards. Thus, they need players to play it over and over again during working hours. In fact, there will times the tester need to play overtime.

The game testing jobs involve not only by playing. The responsibility will includes reporting the errors and bugs encountered while playing it. The report is in written and in communication with the others in the team and to your team leader. Until after the completion and been perfection are achieved, you will be playing and testing the game up to the nth times.

Is the job sounds suitable to you? What are you waiting for? There are so many game tester job openings today. You will find it at the GamingJobsOnline.Com. The site’s job databank is updated with loads of fresh opportunities.

41 thoughts on “Game Tester Job Openings

  1. Big passion for video games, and design…always wanted to be a video game tester, or developer. but when searching for openings it hard to trust certain sites, or find something in my area. If anyone has any job openings id like to hear about it. you can contact me at

  2. Hey, I just want this kind of job because i love video games and I really need the money right now. I mostly play xbox live.

  3. i love games i play them all the time and i have tried to go to collage for making games but i never had the chance. I would love to be able to test them for you. this the only thing i really like to do. So contact me please.

  4. i want this job so bad i love videogames and to get paid playing them. would be a dream come true. i always see things wrong with games when i play them and say i could do better now this is my chance to make it perfect with no bugs or glitches. so when its released to the world people will love it. contact me 425-327-7646 or email me please give me a chance.

  5. I’m just starting out on this field, and am a very determined gamer. If anyone has any openings what so ever please contact me and ill gladly take that job and do it to the best of my capability’s

  6. o btw my number is 503-750-3079 any questions just contact this number at any hour

  7. I am seeking a Job playiong video games on line get paid to play and give opinion

  8. Hi im Zane and iv been a gamer since i was 3 years old i had the first game boy first console everything i always play game my family dose not have that much money if you know what i mean so being a game tester would be my dream and i can help my family by having fun so please pick me for a game tester thank you for reading my letter im looking forward to you reply Zane.

  9. Well let me start of with saying thank you for all these amazing online games You have provided me to play. Well my names Aldo I’m from California. I’ve been playing video games since I was 7 years old. I love the concept of any game I have the privilege of playing. The story,campaign, Online ext. It’s just amazing how technology has evolved and came up with the greatest video gaming ONLINE playing. Well down to the point I’ve been trying to get into testing games and testing the newest consoles before they even come out.I think with all my free time I could help the game company’s that hire people to test games, improve all those glitches, bugs, freezing ext. With feedback and detail of any game I’m provided on testing. So if your looking for a GREAT and DEDICATED tester contact me if possible at my email address ( Thanks again for All these Amazing games and consoles.

  10. If there are game testing jobs open, then contact me at It’s my life long dream to be a master gamer, i’ve played video games since i was 3 and it’s a dream come true for me to get paid for the thing i’ve dreamed of becoming, a true gamer. so if there’s any openings for game testing, then let me have the opportunity to live my life long dream and i promise you i won’t disappoint because it’s my passion and desire and i can be the most hard-working game tester you’ve ever met. I’ll test every game around the clock everyday with no breaks at all, so if you give me a chance at this job i’ll be the definition of a hard working employee testing video games and living my dream.

  11. I currently play video games about 8-10 hours a day. Mostly on Xbox360. I have always wanted to play video games for a living and figure out all the achievments and glitches. Please contact me if you have anything available. Thank you.

  12. I have been a game. Player hence the right were nintendo I am big gamer I lost a job playing game like xbox 360 I am in a sponsored clan for halo 2 and 3 on call of duty modern warfare the clan is called KSI I was on one of there pro teams to go to tournaments like I got ask to go to florida for a halo two tournament I didn’t go cuz I couldn’t get off for work and I can super bounce on every map in hole two and get put of the maps and I can get out of on the maps in call of duty modern warfare I look for glitches in bucks just for fun

  13. I have been a hard core PC gamer for over 20 years. I am looking for a job to make money while I’m in school. I have been submitting stuff to Sony when I find issues in their online games. I would love to get a job doing this stuff. If anyone is hiring, email me at

  14. I`m intrested in trying out to becoome a game tester, Because I`v played too many games where i beat them the first day I try them, where they have lil kinks that need to be ajusted, maybe new ideas, more ideas. Also looking for a job that i wont mind doing. Thats fun and am passionat about. Recently difted away from console games to online MMORPGs, and have many other things to look into and test out. Very opinionated, and wont play games depending on aspects, like story line, graphics, single/multiplayer/online active.

    Would highly like to find out more on this if its even possible, or just yanking our chains.

  15. Hello, my name is Samuel and I have been a gamer since I was 5 years old. I couldn’t find my talent but then somebody let me borrow their gameboy then I was good at it and found my talent, BEING A GAMER!Even though I’m an 11 year old I still have the dream of being a video game tester.Please contact me at

  16. Hi I’m Andy Cervantes I have been playing video games since i was 5 yrs old and i cant get enough of them. I see games that are out now and they have problems. I know I would help you buy helping you look for problems in games. Its been a dream for me to get paid to play video games i couldn’t ask for anything better. Well if anyone wants to give me a chance i promise i wont let you down. Email me at

  17. Hello I just turn 18 and really need a job and can work at anytime when I need to I mainly play computer games that are first person shooter and love to find out new things before anyone else

    Contact me at and I check my email every day

  18. Not sure how to get a job testing video games at home and have no money right now to sign up for anything. But I’m good at gaming and would love to test if I could find something thanks.

  19. Hi, am just looking for some info on this site, like how does it all work, if i sign up what am i getting paid to do and what am i paying for if i sign up i’d like to be a games tester but is that testing it on my laptop or xbox 360? please reply by email

  20. FYI, leaving your email or phone number in a comment bar is a great way to get spam. Now that that’s done, let me tell you how to REALLY get video game testing jobs.

    1) You don’t need to pay any money, anybody asking for money for a job, is a scam. There are obviously headhunters in the industry, but you don’t need one.

    2) You’ll need to be at least 16 yrs old and live in a city where there’s game developers, like Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, or NYC. There’s smaller developers in other major cities, but if you don’t live near one, then you’re VERY unlikely to get a tester position as you have to be able to go to THEIR testing facility.

    3) If you’d like to find out whether or not someone is looking for game testers, then go to their WEBSITE and look under “jobs/careers.” Gamasutra (who sponsors the “Game Developers Conference”) also has a regularly updated listing of video game industry (interactive media) jobs.

    What if I don’t qualify or there’s nothing near me? Don’t give up hope. Sony and Nintendo both have remote advisory groups. The best way to get involved with them is to be an active part of their online community: post in their forums, offer to do surveys, and basically exhibit a positive, but constructive attitude.

  21. I know there is a lot of people looking for QA testing jobs and I am no different. I am a video game Enthusiast and have loved them as far back as I can remember. I am decent in submitting reports and bug reports would be no different. I am ex military looking for an amazing career in the gaming industry. I participate in Betas of all types any time I get a chance. Im looking to increase my networking in the industry so please any one feel free to email me if you have information on up coming jobs or job information that may help me in my journeys. Thank you in advance.
    Serious emails only please

  22. so i have been playing video games since i was about 6. I have always dreamed of being a video game tester so if anyone is looking for help or if anyone knows a company looking for a tester can you please contact me at thank you have a great day

  23. ^^^^Don’t look now, but all these people are really stupid. They have defined a new meaning of stupid, especially those who put a phone number, state that its their life long dream or claim they have some sort of degree in college. LMAO reading these comments, tells me what stupid people are made of. I can be totally assured that they are still living with Mom & Dad, and are still waiting on someone to contact them for a job offer.

  24. …and to also add to their misery of life, I’d be a game tech, but i’ll work for free, you dont have to pay me anything. I have an associates degree and it isnt worth crap, worst mistake I ever made was getting it. I stay at home and play online and console gaming. Im not a pro, it isnt a life long dream and I dont live with my mom.

  25. I am addicted to playing single player campaign Xbox 360 Command and Conquer: Kane’s Wrath, probably about 4 hours per week after still owning the game since it’s release for about 2 years. Really desperate to make $500 plus per week here in Australia, still boarding secretly with my parents in their one-bedroom unit in Dandenong South, Victoria. My 3 or 4 years in my casual job as an emergency walker for Fermax placing the local paper in resident letterboxes is small, about $250 -300 commission per week – just enough to barely survive while paying $50 board per week for my parents in their late 70s who rely on government pension to survivive.
    My future goal in life is to be a millionaire with a pillowcase design image or picture that I believe strongly that I will receive residual income if successful. I just need $10,000 for the American invention company to create a pillowcase demonstration and show it to a large pillowcase manufacturer and if accepted, I will definitely be financially free in these times of economic hardship.
    Just hope some American company would choose me and if they do then I can help them in return as a favor if I become a millionaire from my pillowcase design idea.

  26. I feel like this job could very well be the job for me. I’ve been playing video games since i was 3 or 4. i am a very big critic when i play video games. I am also in college so so i need a job with flexible hours. please contact me if there are any openings available. thanks

  27. and im getting my degree in computer science. So i am used to the computer and videogame world.

  28. My name is Chris and I am very interested in getting into the gaming industry. I have been wanting to go to school to get a degree, but with the economy how it is now it’s been difficult. I am an avid gamer who is looking for his first gig. I am a great gamer who is playing constantly on the Xbox 360 and also PC. I have an eye for spotting bugs and glitches in games, so being a tester would be a great fit. If you have anything available please email me ( I will start ASAP, I am wanting to build my gamers resume so I can get more jobs in the future.

    Thank You

  29. Im really interested at a video game testing job but its really gard finding one in my area or there’s sites u just cant tst and if anyone have an opening you can contact me thank you.

  30. Hello. I would like a video game tester job, I have a Playstation 3 and a laptop. I can test games on those two machines.
    I have always wanted to work with video games, and I plan to do that since I’am in college. I plan to get degree in Computer Science.


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