Game Testers Wanted

Do you desire to play video games and earn at the same time? Yes you can! Today, there is a kind of job available that let you play the games like what you are doing at home. By playing, the game development company will pay you to test those games they are currently developing. They pay a minimum of $ 8 an hour.

Currently, this is the time to get started as it is the busiest season for the developing company. There are many game testers wanted in different State across the America. If you are an entry level to this job and want to gain experience, this season is your chance. You can look on many job advertisements across the papers and net. However, you should be careful on some ads posted. There are illegitimate job ads asking you for some money for the gadgets you needed to test their game. The truth is, those gadgets and consoles are provided by the company.

You can avoid this kind of situation. There is a that has the list of legitimated jobs from the legitimate companies. It is regularly updated with fresh gaming testers and developers requirements. This is exclusive to their members only. There are full time, part time, home based and per contract basis jobs available.

So, what are you waiting for? Gain your experience now and prepare your video game tester resume. Today is the busiest season and many companies are looking for many passionate players like you.

25 thoughts on “Game Testers Wanted

  1. I would like more info about video game testing employment opportunities.

  2. I would really like to find a game testing job….. please hire or help.

  3. I am looking on certain places I should start focusing on when trying to find a game testing job please if any openings are out there contact me 503-750-3079

  4. ive played games all my life from like pacman arcade style ive played the systems nintendo , nintendo64 ,gameboy, gameboy advance ,gameboy sd ,ds ,wii,ps3, ps2 ,psp , playstation xbox and xbox360 ive gotten bored of playing the old games im looking for a beta testing job so i can play the new games that are comeing out to any system

  5. I want to get hired to be a game tester… i was playing games for 18 years im 26 years old. I played adventure, action, mystery, puzzle, rpg, and more… Im from South Africa, Pietermaritzburg. So eny intel from you guys ill appreciate it thanks.

  6. i would like to be a video game tester and I would like more info about video game testing employment opportunities.

  7. I would love to be a gaming tester…i grew up on games…i hope i can find someone anyone that can help me get there…please…?

  8. I feel like I would be a great worker for you at any time for any job. I have a passion for video games and to make them to the best they possibly can be, please contact me at
    thank you

  9. Hi to everyone,
    I am 19 years old I started playing games when I was 9.
    I have PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP and computer obviously.
    Since I was little it was always my dream to play games for money, and now that I have finished a computer high school my only wish is to play games.
    I could really use some extra money.
    If there is any more information about this job I would really want to know more, please send me an Email.

  10. I literally play x-box 360 from the time i wake up until around 2 in the morning, and i feel like video gaming is my passion. I am supposed to be looking for a job, and when someone looks for a job they look for one they have some background in. Well if there is one thing i have a vast background in its playing video games. So if someone out there is looking for a guy to test games for hours without interuptions please contact me at Thank you!

  11. i am a kidney transplant and diabetic patient and i am mostly at home enjoying playing my xbox 360 or the ps3 or the wii and have no qualification and studied until secondary 4 please help me find a part time job as a video game tester.

  12. I’d really like to get paid for testing games. I’ve been playing video games since I was just a lad. I’d like to work from the home, because I have some mental illness issue that hold me back from having a job in regular society. I’d really like a reply back, so please get back to me and tell me how to get started with beta testing from the comfort of my own abode.

  13. I would love to be a game tester, please e-mail me about any possible job opportunities. I always find bugs and glitch’s wile playing games. Like the “PS3″ controller at the top of this page, thats not really a PS3 controller, with the L3 button and directional buttons swopped. Love it, Thank you,

    David Dalton

  14. When I was a kid the first game I had was a Dragonball Z game since that day I knew I would have job playing games. If any game testing opportunities arise contact me at or call me at 347-866-6078


  16. how it works, tell me the detail? and do i have to had all gaming console gaming and high end pc gaming for the job?

  17. Hi there I’m very interested in video game testing I took a gap year on my studies and now all I do is sit at home and play games so if anyone wants to hire me as a game tester please contact me @

  18. id love to work and play video games at the same time i will literally play anything if theres a glitch or bug ill find it please hire im 15 with nothing else but skewl and got that covered

  19. please contact at 832-401-3475 id play games for a living if i can im a serious gamer with many ideas on new games and a good opinion id work FOR the game studio if i could

  20. I would relly like game testing job i play all type of game action,puzzle,adventure,shooter etc.many game….i am frm india i ve played system xbox360,playstation2,playstation3,nitendo gameboy,psp..i was playing games for 12 years i am 22 years old.pls give one chance to prove myself as a gametester…

  21. I am interested in being a video game it possible someone can touch base with me on what other knowledge is needed on the technical aspect.

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