How to Become a Video Game Tester

How to Become a Video Game TesterAre you dreaming of fat money while playing video games? Perhaps you are a video game aficionado who likes to play all day and all night. Are you thinking of a job that will not affect your lifestyle?

Today, all these are possible. There are many careers available in the gaming industries and the video game tester is the most sought job to many teenagers and young adults too.

The video game tester is becoming popular nowadays. Being able to earn money at home, while enjoying the play is the most ideal career anyone could ever dream of, especially to the video game wannabes. You will be able to have the chance to play the upcoming video games, to test the latest game consoles, controllers and other relating to video game products. Plus, you will keep them to yourself for free!

Okay, too much for the enticing career politics on this job. How to become a video game tester is a question to many aficionados like you. Perhaps, you are tired posting questions about it or you have read endless testimonies of people who are into gaming industries but do not give you  a clue on how and where to apply.


How to Apply as a Video Game Tester


Working hard is a great virtue but not to the video game tester. Not the technical skill, not education and not work experience are needed to be able to earn huge money – just you as a video game aficionado. However being a game tester sound to be easy, you need to be able to withstand the long hours of sitting and playing in front of the tubes. The longer you play the more money you will gain. It is great for freelancers and part timers too.

Gaming Jobs Online. The video game industries are rapidly growing. There are numerous video game tester jobs available in the internet. Finding a direct employer hiring is not easy but through the membership of, you will find numerous opportunities in the video game job market.  As a member, you will be able to gain a lifetime access to the numerous companies listed in their jobs database. Whether you are looking for freelance or full time job, the site’s job database has already made it handy for you. The Gaming Jobs Online will be your friend to guide you to your dream video game tester career.

RESUME. After acquiring the lifetime membership of the Gaming Jobs Online, just like any other jobs, you will need a great resume to get hired. Some companies listed in the databank do not require you to submit a resume. However, if you want to establish a more fulfilling career on the gaming industries perhaps a full time video game tester, a more compelling resume gives you more chances to get an invitation for interview.

Work has become a mere utility to many.  But for a video game aficionado like you, you will never wish to trade your job for anything. You will love it and money will not only be your reason for taking this work. Video game tester career is a fun work and a good pay too!

16 thoughts on “How to Become a Video Game Tester

  1. Before purchasing this subscription, I would like to ask you what kind of Resume do video game companies are looking for? I am a college graduate and I do not have any experience towards video game testing besides all this video games I played throught college. So what kind of information is good to put in a Resume for this type of job?

  2. i need a job fast and no cost two me i love playing games now it be nice if i could get pay

  3. hi i am from iran. i am 24 years old
    i just can not stop playing video games.i started playing when i was 5.
    i am not moslem and i hate islam.
    i really really need this job.and i can be best at it.
    i hope you understand me.

  4. i don’t have a credit card and no diploma but my passion are video games… does that mean i can’t join??

  5. I was excited when I found this site, playing games is all I do. I am 31 and have been playing since the days of Atari. Now I can make money playing/testing the games, awesome. Fixin to sign up and man I can’t wait. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

  6. I’m VietNamese, and currently I’m a Software Testing Engineer. Your job is so great but how can I register without the Credit Card. The money to register does not high but I don’t have any Credit Card. Is there another way to become free membership?

  7. I am 15 and very serious about becoming a video game tester. I was wondering about the age preference?

  8. Hi I am an experienced videogame tester here in miami.I would like to work with you.Could you tell me how much it is to become a member?
    Gino Perez 20 years old.

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