Video Game Tester Job Openings

Video games started in the year 1971. It is quite profitable and lucrative business. In fact, with the technology today, game developers can develop a video game over a few months and can release several new games each year. Perhaps, it is one reason why the gaming industry is fast evolving and rapidly growing. So are the required talents to utilize the completion of a video game and one of these are the video game testers. So, many video game tester career opportunities are waiting for any video game player enthusiasts.

In a video game development, it requires programmers, developers, designers, artists and video game testers. Before the company put the newly developed video game in the market, it has to undergo and pass to the quality assurance tests to make sure it will be successful and gained trust to the billions of video game players worldwide. Thus, all video gaming companies will require and put video game tester career opportunities in the job market.

Video game tester job is becoming popular and the demands are increasing. Gaming companies employ thousands of video testers worldwide. Perhaps with the wonders of internet networking and technology, the job can be done at the comfort of your home but some company requires you to be in their assigned workplace.

According to Entertainment Software Association (ESA) in the United States of America, the sales of video games have reached 10.5 million US dollars in the year 2009. They predicted that the video game sector will boom and will not go away. More and more people of all ages are becoming players each year – from small children to above 50 years of age. Thus, the video game developers will continue to rise and more video game tester career opportunities will be open each year.

The video game tester job has the sound salary. It does not require much skill.  It can be your starting point to enter the world of video game industry – to be able to work at the hobby you most loved to do and have the fun at the same time. What are you waiting for?  Start browsing and send your resume to the many video game tester job openings at the One of the job openings could be yours.

How to Become a Video Game Tester

How to Become a Video Game TesterAre you dreaming of fat money while playing video games? Perhaps you are a video game aficionado who likes to play all day and all night. Are you thinking of a job that will not affect your lifestyle?

Today, all these are possible. There are many careers available in the gaming industries and the video game tester is the most sought job to many teenagers and young adults too.

The video game tester is becoming popular nowadays. Being able to earn money at home, while enjoying the play is the most ideal career anyone could ever dream of, especially to the video game wannabes. You will be able to have the chance to play the upcoming video games, to test the latest game consoles, controllers and other relating to video game products. Plus, you will keep them to yourself for free!

Okay, too much for the enticing career politics on this job. How to become a video game tester is a question to many aficionados like you. Perhaps, you are tired posting questions about it or you have read endless testimonies of people who are into gaming industries but do not give you  a clue on how and where to apply. Continue reading