How To Become A Computer Game Tester

Job as a computer game tester is one of the most envy career of the many game daemons nowadays. Aside from the promising lucrative salary, the job entails you to have a lot of time to play the games, plus a chance to play the latest computer game developments months before their official release and lots of gifts and freebies too from the developer of games or gaming companies.

Become A Video Game Tester TodayThe idea of playing computer games as job which means one can earn the salary and will have the freedom of not giving up their gaming lifestyle is very alluring to many. In fact, there are now several schools, universities and colleges that offer short courses to further train and enhance the skills and behavior of any aspiring game testers. If you think you are one of those who are enticed at that thought, perhaps you want to know how to become a computer game tester.

As I mentioned above, computer game tester is a job, thus, requires skills. What are the skills needed to become one? I can say, “It’s very minimal or little.” One just needs to have some background on technical and computer programming skills, fluent in English (written and verbal), can identify the bugs or errors of the game and of course your game gusto!

All the skills I mentioned are enough to apply for any computer game tester jobs listed worldwide but if you are planning to work at home, you will need a good personal computer set and fast internet connection. In order to apply, you will need a game tester niche resume that can really sell your gaming skills. Check this article about 3 easy steps on how to start in this gaming career.

Now, I know you are excited perhaps had already prepared a resume and ready to submit that in several computer game developers but you don’t know where. Don’t worry, there are many companies looking for someone like you at the There, you will find many listings of legal computer game tester jobs. All of the listed companies at the database offer competitive salaries that you won’t find anywhere online.

Linguistic Video Game Tester

Video game tester jobs online is now becoming a popular and the fastest money making job which is catered in, where the only name of the game is ‘play to earn’. It allows you to play and test the latest video games that are not yet available in the market. This job doesn’t need a person to be professional to become a video game tester, for as long as you love to play games and have multiple skills, you will be able to earn the money while playing to test the games.

Girl Working On A Video Game Development Job

Some game developers are looking for video game testers who have an extra knowledge in language such as Spanish, Korean or Nihonggo. This is called the Linguistic video game testers. They are responsible in reporting language error that needs corrections. It allows you to proofread the text while playing.  If you have the knowledge with at least two or more languages, this job is suitable for you plus an extra pay compared to the ordinary video game testers’ pay.Become A Game TesterLinguistic video game testers’ job possesses an exciting arena and experience that may look good in your profile. It might compensate the job in the long run. This job is fun and exciting but may also involve a huge amount of your time and flexibility in order to complete the tasks the job entails. Some of the linguistic video game testers were assigned with some other tasks that need to detect some localized bugs.

Take the advantage in making this job as your full time career. Learn more about Linguistic Video Game Tester, signup now at the

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Becoming a Game Tester – Takes More than Being a Game Lover

Aptitude in playing video games is somehow imperative to become a video game tester, but you don’t need to be a video game champion! You just have to be a game fanatic, someone with a heart, a gamer who need not beat the game but beat the odds – to find errors and bugs – for the love of the game.

Therefore you must be observant and have propensity to find glitches.  However, familiarity with various video games is an advantage as well as some technical knowledge.

Aside from simple technical know-how, tenacity and being responsible are also important qualities that you must possess. In the real world of video game testers, you may have to spend many hours not simply playing those video games like the way you would leisurely do at home, but rather, you sometimes have to play just a segment of the game over and over to check for errors & glitch.

Excellent communication skill in oral and written form is also important. You need to make reports about the bugs and errors that you will discover, and relay the information to the game programmers in order for them to solve it. This makes video game tester a part of product research and development team.

All in all, it takes a passionate gamer to become a video game tester. As a veterinarian must have deep concern for the health and welfare of animals, similarly to the video game testers. They must perform their tasks not simply to enjoy playing games and get paid, but to dedicate their passion to the refinement of video games to comply with the quality assurance.

Now, are you ready to take the next level of your relationship with the video games? Like a dating site, you need to visit the and do some company prospecting. 

3 Easy Steps To Be A Video Game Tester

I make my living by playing free video games. Can you imagine being able to do what you enjoy doing the most and you will get paid for it? Sounds like a fantasy, right? There are so many gamers today that are getting paid with hefty paycheck just to test the upcoming consoles or playing the latest games as video game testers. And it is only a three (3) easy steps on how to start in this gaming career.

CREATE GAME TESTER RESUME — In contrast to what the others believe, the video game tester is really a job mainly in the gaming industry which many gaming aficionados vie for. However, because this is a job and getting paid as a game tester or beta game tester is not always just about fun and excitements. This job is not necessarily meant you are just going to sit in front of the tube for hours and play and after a few days you collect a hefty paycheck. So, you will need the skills and resume qualifying for the position. Know how to make a valid resume for this job is important too. You can get guidance at the to create an impressive video game tester resume.

SUBMIT YOUR RESUME TO THE GAMING DBASE.  Over the time, video game tester jobs have caught the attention of the public. More and more game developers are becoming aware of the importance of game testers as they are the essential in finding and in reporting errors during the early stage development. So, many fraudulent adverts are already there scattered over the internet some are asking for a fee and some say it is only a deposit for the gadgets. BUT the truth is, you only need It is a membership site for all who want to know more information about this career.  You’ll see, if you are planning to be a video game tester as part time, you will need access to thousands of job opportunities at their database.

INTERVIEW. Now, the company wants to interview you. Try to make sure to present yourself professionally. At the same time, don’t be afraid to brag about your experiences and how many games or consoles you already own. It is also PLUS points to describe how passionate you are as a video gamer such as how many hours a day you spend in gaming. Experience counts!

Why Video Game Tester Jobs?

If you are a kind of person who loves to play video games of any kind, appreciates digital arts and animation, and you have fiery enthusiasm for challenges, then becoming a video game tester could be one of the most fulfilling occupations for you. Although it is to your greater advantage if you posses some technical knowledge about computer programming. Nevertheless, your familiarity with different kinds of computer games and your passion can take you to one of the coolest job nowadays.

Video game testing jobs are often assumed as trivial occupation by many people but those who are employed in this line of work know that many people are still unaware about the fact that video game industry nowadays is a promising multi-billion dollar business akin to movie-making industry. It offers a promising career for anyone who possesses gaming skills and computer technical knowledge, and most of all passion for video games.

Although basically, a person’s playing skill is all that is needed to become a video game tester, other skills are equally important in order to maximize the possibility of advancing one’s career. Interpersonal skill in this field is very important as a game tester has to evaluate the game and find errors which he must present to the game programmers. Making a clear and concise written report which depends on organizational skill; and ability to express oneself clearly are also very important requirements. Nevertheless, it’s a very rewarding occupation for anyone who loves to play video games for long hours.