The Man Behind The Success Of Every Video Game

Have you ever thought why video games become popular and playable and make everyone go crazy? And the video game company who developed the game is now one of the major players in the industry when it comes in million-dollar profiteers? Any video game developer ensures us – video game fanatics, including me that we get high quality of fun, entertainment and excitement the game entails to do so. So, let us say thanks to the man behind it – the video game tester.

Video game tester jobs are jobs have unique lifestyle design and one of the most lucrative jobs that can be done online, at home or at the company’s office. Aspiring applicants as young as 18 years old can apply can be with or without an experience but the enthusiast in playing games. Can you imagine it? Becoming a tester does not require a degree being able to get in but the talent, passion and knowledge involving the video games. These are the important factors getting hired by the video game developers.

Video Game Tester Job

All they got to do was to play the game, test it and give a verdict whether a game sucks or recommend the game to video fanatics to buy it and stick with the game. They are the unsung heroes of your Dungeon Siege III and even the Red faction Armagedon and many others where you play in your Play Station, PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii, or XBOX 360. So if you’re an extraordinary video game addict whose life is for video games, video game tester job is calling you…who knows, this would be the start of your career!

What Is It Like to Be a Video Game Tester?

Many of young adults who are passionate about video games aspire to get employment as video game testers without much idea with regards to the tasks and responsibilities that they are going to undertake. This has caused disappointments to some people who thought that being a video game tester is just as simple as getting paid by playing video games and nothing more.

So, in order for you to have some idea of what it is like to be video game tester, here are the two of the most basic tasks that you are more likely going to undertake as a game tester:

Video Game Quality Assurance

GDC09 poster – Quality Assurance in your Game Design Curricula By mike.rapa

Testing for Compliance

Compliance testing is checking if a new design [game] can meet the technical requirements of a particular platform. A game tester is expected to run the game to make sure that it meets the technical requirements needed to get a license before publication.

Compatibility Test

This is somewhat tedious task because a tester has to perform a certain task repeatedly in order to discover how a crash or any anomalies occur. To accomplish this task, the tester must record all his actions in order to determine if there is a particular pattern that leads to an error.

Video game testing jobs has been the stepping stone to a lot of successful game developers and video graphic designers; and you too can make it big in the future as you gain experience and expertise in this field.

Video Game Testers – Their Roles in the Gaming Market Today

The video game industry nowadays is a multi-billion dollar industry. From game applications on mobile phones to online games, the market keeps growing and video games become more and more sophisticated. This phenomenon made the competition tough as game developers flourished almost anywhere around the globe. It becomes imperative for every game developer to make sure that each product they release in the market possesses the highest quality standard and best gaming experience for end users. Unlike in the old days when video game testing is also done by the programmers themselves, the need for quality assurance (QA) demand the expertise of video game testers who will provide unbiased quality control.

What Does Video Game Testers Do?

It is not uncommon to experience problems while playing video games. Sometimes the characters may move inappropriately, or some tools don’t function as they are supposed to. Sometimes there are parts of the video where animation does not run as smoothly, and in some cases, as the game becomes intense, the software may suddenly freeze or crash. This usually cause bad reviews in online gaming forums and gaming magazines, thus guarantee a huge loss for game developers, and worse, a bad reputation in the industry. To avoid these problems, the services of video game testers became crucial to ensure that each product is carefully scrutinized for bugs and errors. With quality assurance as the primary objective, video game testers work at every step of game development with the game programmers, providing reports and honest reviews about their personal video game experience.

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How To Become A Computer Game Tester

Job as a Computer Game Tester is one of the most envy career of the many game daemons nowadays. Aside from the promising lucrative salary, the job entails you to have a lot of time to play the games, plus a chance to play the latest computer game developments and freebies too!

The idea of playing computer games as job, like video game tester jobs, which means one can earn the salary and will have the freedom of not giving up their gaming lifestyle is very alluring to many. If you think you are one of those who are enticed at that thought, perhaps you want to know how to become a computer game tester.

As I mentioned above, computer game tester is a job, thus, requires skills. What are the skills needed to become one? I can say, “it’s very minimal or little.” One just needs to have some background on technical and computer programming skills, fluent in English (written and verbal), can identify the bugs or errors of the game and of course your game gusto!

All the skills I mentioned are enough to apply for any computer game tester jobs listed worldwide but if you are planning to work at home, you will need a good personal computer set and fast internet connection. In order to apply, you will need a game tester niche resume.

Now, I know you are excited perhaps had already prepared a resume and ready to submit that in several computer game developers but you don’t know where. Don’t worry, there are many companies looking for someone like you at the There you will find many listings of legal computer game tester jobs. That is where I found the company where I am working right now for three years.

Many Video Game Players Wanted Today

If you are one passionate player of the video games, you are wanted by the many video game companies today.  In fact, many like you are most sought at games and entertainment industry. Why not turn your passion in to a job and earn money? Video game companies are one huge world. There are video game developers, video game publishers and indie game publishers that are looking for video game players to test their game developments.

The salary is huge and the lifestyle is great and entertaining. As a game tester, you will be able to play games that are not yet available in the market and able to take home some free gadgets or consoles too! The salary starts at $ 8 per hour to $ 20 per hour. This will depends on your experiences and credibility. However, there is not much requirement to become one but your ability to endure long hour of playing the video games and written and oral communication skills.

Is this a job for school dropouts? Of course not! This is a job like every ordinary job that pays. The role has important responsibility in the industry and one is to identify bugs and errors of the game program that is being developed. Perhaps you need to play them repeatedly to the nth times.

I am interested, how and where to apply? is a good source of legal video game companies. The website has the jobs databank that is full of fresh video game tester job openings. It is upgraded regularly and provides guides for every game tester aspirants.