Video Game Related Career Estimated Salaries [Infographic]

Because of the wide range of careers available for those who are entering the field of video games, a wide range of salary options are also available. Here is a quick guide to what you can expect to be paid in the field of video games.

Infographic by Game Design College & Degree Dojo

Technical Directors – $110,000
Game Software Programmers (Senior) – $90,000
Game Software Programmers (Entry Level) – $50,000
Executive Producers – $82,000
Creative Director – $81,000
Video Game Animators – $67,000
Video Game Artist – $53,000
Video Game Designer – $53,000
Video Game Producers – $77,000
Game Tester (Senior) – $50,000
Game Tester (Entry Level) – $32,000
Sound Designers – $66,000
Musician/Composer – $62,000

These are only some of the positions available to individuals looking to become video game designers. Because of the constantly changing nature of the industry new positions are constantly being created.

The average salary you receive in the gaming industry is often dependent on the size of the company you work for, with large bonuses often being rewarded to teams whose games do exceptionally well once released onto the market.

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