Video Game Tester 105 – How to Apply

Now, you already know how to write a great video game tester resume that will make good impressions on the recruiting personnel. The tips from the previous article, Video Game Tester 104 – Video Game Tester Resume, not only make sense on the recruitment personnel but also to the resume databank of the big game development companies. There are important keywords that you need include in case the picking up of relevant candidates are computer generated.

The next question is ‘how to apply?’ This is what most first time job applicants for gaming tester position ask. There are many video game tester job openings available but many are scams, some are old posts already. On finding the legitimate jobs, you can visit the GamingJobsOnline.Com. The GamingJobsOnline.Com has the job databank regularly updated with the available job openings from different gaming companies. Before applying for a position, here are the tips that will help you land on your dream job.

Finding a job. By becoming a member of, you will instantly gain a lifetime access to their job databank which is exclusive for their members only. If you become a member, you made a significant shortcut on finding video game tester jobs in the world of webs.

Sending Your Resume. You need to prepare your resume in different formats. When you are planning to send your resume for emailing, make sure it is on ASCII format. If possible, try attached the nicely formatted resume and copy-paste the ASCII format in your email.  The ASCII format is necessary for digital searching on the companies’ database.

Contact Information. You have sent your resume to several companies, make sure your telephone or mobile lines are not busy in case they try to reach you. Always check your emails too. Prepare for scheduled interviews.

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