Video Game Tester Career Guide

How do you see your current job today? Do you see yourself as one who merely skims through paperwork? Do you consider your work as your ‘opponent’ to your lifestyle? If you have the passion of playing on long hours in front of the LCD on video games, perhaps this video game tester job is your ticket to fun, loving work.

What is Video Game Tester

The video game tester is a job that allows you to work and have long hours of fun at the same time – through playing video games. The play is equivalent to work and salary. This could mean testing the game that is being developed before it releases on the gaming market. You will be playing the multiplayer game with other gaming testers as a team in repetitive times. You will be working on a team to observe and identify bugs encountered until the development of the game is perfected. The bugs that your team has encountered during the course of gaming are needed to be written to report to the leader assigned.

The objective of the job is to test the quality of the game that is being developed. Your role is to play until the nth times. It could be fun and challenging but at times these could wear out too. Perhaps, the reason why the main qualifications of the game developers are looking for are the enthusiasts and passions of a person when playing video games.

Video Game Tester Salary

The salary of video game tester can be lucrative. The most common hourly rate job ranges from $8 – $50. The salary will depend on you, your skills, job position and job position level. For example, if you are working on part time job and on entry level position of $15 per hour for 40 hours a week, your weekend salary will be $600.

$600 by playing video games all the time! The thing you always love to do will be your work – game testing! You can work at the comfort of your home. As a part time video game tester, you are able to design your work schedule too.

How to Apply

There are many works available at the gaming industry. However, to find the legitimate one is difficult but the Gaming Jobs Online has many list of jobs stored at their database. By becoming a member, you will gain lifetime access to the list and save time finding legitimated video game tester jobs.

The next step will be your resume. Your resume should be compelling and attracts attention to the company. It should meet their minimal requirements such as English grammar skill and know how to identify bugs in the game. Don’t worry about your resume. If you don’t know how to design your resume, there are resume writers you can hire to do that for you.

Gaming industry is growing fast. Many video game testers are needed for every gaming development – from gaming consoles to software. So, what are you waiting for? You need a break. Become a Gaming Online Job member now and start sending your resume.

5 thoughts on “Video Game Tester Career Guide

  1. i always wanted to be a game tester i love games. games are my passion. please email me im grat at games

  2. i want to become a game tester just as much as anyone else, but why do i have to pay you to just get started at the bottom, looks like a scam if you ask me, but explain to me why i should trust you.

  3. HEY!!!!!!!!!! i really wanna become a game tester,love games i can do it all day long. plz email me!!!!!!!!!! im study graphic animation at the moment>

  4. i want to be a game tester i lovesi need money to help my family. send me a email.i am good at games.

  5. I was in a sponsored clan for halo 2 and 3 and and call of duty modern warfare for the 360 the clan is KSI was in that clan for a few years and I found a lot of which is and bugs in those games

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