Video Game Tester Career Information

A video game tester career is fun and enjoyable. You are able to earn a lucrative amount of salary without leaving the thing you always love to do – playing video games. It is an ideal job for people who want to have the future serious career on the gaming industry.  It is a real work perhaps a dream job for video games aficionados like you.

The Right People for Video Game Tester Career

In this highly competitive gaming market, what are the qualifications that a game developer looks for their prospective employees? A quick look through the classified ads of the popular game developer company appears some interesting criteria.

“This is a popular entry level role, particularly for those not already qualified as an artist or programmer, and an excellent way to find out about the gaming business as a whole. There are no specific qualifications required for Testers, although some programming knowledge or experience is desirable. Testers must be analytical and methodical. Good English language skills (written and verbal) are necessary in order to document findings and communicate them to colleagues. IT competence, including use of spreadsheets and database packages, is also required. Above all, Testers must be avid games players. They must be able to demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the industry, including the different platforms, game styles, and genres. It’s important to know the market so they can evaluate our games against the competition.

They should also have an understanding of how games are put together, and how the different elements of a game contribute to the playing experience. A good Tester will not only identify and record a problem, but also try to work out what is causing it. Key skills for a Tester include excellent communication, especially the ability to communicate tactfully with other members of the team. It’s also important to have a good attention to detail, persistence, and patience. A Tester must be able to maintain concentration while playing games for long periods. Good negotiation and conflict resolution skills are very important, as of course is a passion for playing games.

Testers can progress into other roles such as level design, production management, or marketing, although to move into more specialized areas of game development typically requires an existing skill or aptitude such as 3D modeling or programming.”

The above highlighted texts are a job advertisement copied from one of the popular gaming developer company in the world. Indeed, a video game tester is a job. It does not require great deal of skills. The job is an entry level to the gaming industry career.  It has a chance to develop in to a more serious career.  It states that the general requirements for a video game tester will be: English communication skills both written and verbal, little knowledge on video game programming and passion for playing games!

Do not worry about the video game programming skills. There are numerous self-help studies available free in the internet. A little knowledge is required.  Perhaps, start with the basics video game programming.

The Role of the Video Game Tester

The video game testers are important for every game development companies who want to test their latest developments before it goes to public. They are essential to the company to tune and refine the quality of the games before selling it. The role involves regular playing of the game and identifies the problems they will encounter during the fun. They can suggest on improvements too.

A video game tester will be playing a multiplayer game. He will work with the other video game testers as a team. They will need to play and test the game multiple times in different levels and versions. They are the one who will be the first to play and report the bugs found during the challenges. They will categorize these bugs and report to their quality assurance tester leader.

How to Become a Video Game Tester

Gaming market is one of the lucrative businesses today. In this turbulent world of gaming developments, the video game testers are highly needed by these companies. To land on the legitimate job opening is not easy but by becoming a member of Gaming Jobs Online, you will gain lifetime access on the jobs databank of openings on the gaming entertainment industry. The databank list is updated regularly and includes video game tester requirements from large gaming enterprises in the world.

Just like any other job, you will need to prepare your resume. Your resume should be updated.  Compelling resumes that are persuasive that meet their requirements have the great chance to get the interview. So before you submit your resume, be sure you make it sound professional and persuasive that you are qualified and met their criteria.

If you are one of the video game enthusiasts, this job is meant for you. Prepare your resume now and show the companies your playing habits and compelling writings too. An additional article showing your passion to video games and writing skills have the great chance to land you on your most awaited dream job. Good luck!

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  1. I’ve had a lot of gaming experience with Gamecube, Xbox Nintindo DS & PS2. I would like a job.

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