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Video games started in the year 1971. It is quite profitable and lucrative business. In fact, with the technology today, game developers can develop a video game over a few months and can release several new games each year. Perhaps, it is one reason why the gaming industry is fast evolving and rapidly growing. So are the required talents to utilize the completion of a video game and one of these are the video game testers. So, many video game tester career opportunities are waiting for any video game player enthusiasts.

In a video game development, it requires programmers, developers, designers, artists and video game testers. Before the company put the newly developed video game in the market, it has to undergo and pass to the quality assurance tests to make sure it will be successful and gained trust to the billions of video game players worldwide. Thus, all video gaming companies will require and put video game tester career opportunities in the job market.

Video game tester job is becoming popular and the demands are increasing. Gaming companies employ thousands of video testers worldwide. Perhaps with the wonders of internet networking and technology, the job can be done at the comfort of your home but some company requires you to be in their assigned workplace.

According to Entertainment Software Association (ESA) in the United States of America, the sales of video games have reached 10.5 million US dollars in the year 2009. They predicted that the video game sector will boom and will not go away. More and more people of all ages are becoming players each year – from small children to above 50 years of age. Thus, the video game developers will continue to rise and more video game tester career opportunities will be open each year.

The video game tester job has the sound salary. It does not require much skill.  It can be your starting point to enter the world of video game industry – to be able to work at the hobby you most loved to do and have the fun at the same time. What are you waiting for?  Start browsing and send your resume to the many video game tester job openings at the One of the job openings could be yours.

10 thoughts on “Video Game Tester Job Openings

  1. Hi I think I would make a good video game tester but I am unsure how to get started and apply.

  2. Hi, My name is Axel Atkinson and i am a young and aspiring video game tester. I’ve always known exactly what profession i wanted since i popped GEX into my sega dreamcast. I would very much appreciate any help you could give me that would push me along on my long road to becoming a video game tester. I love video games and play them 8-10 hours a day. I am loyal to microsofts xbox 360 but would not object to playing on other consoles. My current gamerscore on xbox is around 64,000 and i have a lot ( and i mean A LOT ) of experience playing games and finding glitches/exploits. thank you for your time -Axel Atkinson.

  3. i think this job would be perfect for me i play all day ya think so

  4. hi,

    i been playing video games since i was a kid. i loves games. the creativity is amazing. i’ve played on different gaming systems xbox ps3 psp ds etc. im looking for paying job. i believe there should be more woman in the video game industry. thanks annalisa

  5. Well to start off i am currently a MMOTPS game tester and was wanting to spread out. Im testing for free for this game and i like it :) .But im looking to make money and i thought that i love playing games that i should try and test video games.

  6. hi i would also like to apply for this job this is my dream job i will assure you that i am very good at all types of video games please consider me as an option .

  7. Hi there my name is tee I’ve Been gaming since the day I played pong as a child im now 32 years old Some call me an game addict, spacie freak, the hand that don’t rest, but me I call it passionate. I work in demolition and have been for the last 10years it’s really hard work so I’m always looking forward to hometime. I can tell you that everyday I’m thinking bout what I’m going to play, or what’s coming out next. Then I heard about game testing. I for one hate glitches and bugs I simply won’t play it of it’s to glitchy. Sum of the recent games I’ve played such as infamous and uncharted had alot of character glitching to me it takes away the illusion of the game. I feel I could be great at game testing I like to play a game over and over to get the full potential out of it. Im not just doing this for me but for all gamers who are passionate about gaming. So What do I need to do? Who do I talk too? Where do I look?

  8. Hi! I was wondering, what do i need to get started? I would love this job, but I need helP! >.< Please contact me back with some info!

  9. …ahhh im tryin got get a job….some chick said to get ahold of vox?….i dont know…i need a phone number

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