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Okay. Let’s dig for more inside the treasure box. Perhaps you want to know what is the video game tester job has laid in store for you in the future. Aside from all the freebies you could get, the video game software, consoles, gadgets and more play time, you are now interested to know the exact figures it has to offer.

This job may sound easy and fancy for you. This is not some cheap job. It is not true that you have no future by playing games. It is indeed a serious career for every passionate video game players. Perhaps, most of the school dropouts are in to this kind of work because of their enthusiasm and endurance on playing long hours of video games. It is the same with the other job that pays work and the work is playing video games.

This work sounds fun and a good pay too! As a part time video game tester, the salary will depend on you. On how much you want to earn and how much time you are willing to devote on playing games. Moreover, the video game tester salary of a full time position will depend on how big the corporation you will be working for. The most prevailing salary rate ranges are from $8 – $ 50 per hour. You can earn from $500 to $3500 per month or more. It is up to you.

The standard salary rate may vary from a state to another state. The rate will also depend on your technical skills, experiences, the position and the level of your position. The higher level and skills you have, the higher pay you will receive. However, here is some basic prevailing pay today:

$5 – $75 for answering an online survey or more
$150 per hour for participating in focus groups
$8 – $22 per hour for testing new games, consoles, gadgets or other products. Plus, you can keep the products too
$ 4 – $25 per hour by watching new movie game trailers
$30 for reviewing new video games.

Assuming you got a job that pays $15 per hour and requires time for 40 hours a week. Your weekend salary will be, $15 x 40 hours, $600! That is only 8 hours work a day for 5 days. There will be more if you have an overtime work or you are willing to work on the extended schedules. The video game tester salary is indeed a nice fat pay check.

The downside part of being a part time game tester is the salary is rated on per job basis only. You will need constant applications to the gaming developer companies to get another job. There will be waiting moments in between each job. However, the job is only a stepping stone, a beginning level to a more serious career in the gaming industry. It allows you to level up and be promoted after each experience. It will give you more time to add some technical skills by studying more while waiting for another job interview to come by. So, every time a job ended, do not forget to update your resume before sending out your application. If you want to dig for more fortune, the Gaming Jobs Online’s jobs databank has more treasures for you to explore.

13 thoughts on “Video Game Tester Salary

  1. My name is lonnie i am 37 years old i have been a gamer since i was 10 from colleco vision until now x-box 360 i feel i am qualified for this job email me…I am ready to start gaming

  2. Thought this job was pretty nerdy but i got the scoop and am hooked.. Definetely post more info!

  3. I always has the pleasure the play video games since my childhood. I 31 yrs old and i still carry Ninentdo DS with me all the time to play different games. Its obbessed with me, I would like to know if it is possible for me to know how can I start learing being a video game tester and work as a part time for now and maybe full time if I have oppurtunities. Your feedback is most appreciated.


  4. You can get employed at a major QA company (like Ubisoft, for example) if you’re at least 18 years old and you could get a monthly salary.

    Note that it’s not an easy job (take it from a game tester – 4 years in the business); and don’t expect things like “hey, I’m getting payed to play games all day”… it’s NOT AT ALL like that. You’ll be dealing with video games in their worst state (alpha/beta versions), unpolished and buggy; that’s your job as a game tester, to find those bugs. It means that you’ll have to find ways to “break” the game, you’ll have to think like ALL the gamers who will play the game, you’ll have to find all the errors, bugs, mistakes, exploits and so on in the game that you’re testing. Also, do you think you’ll be always testing Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed or GTA games? HA! Think again: according to the company you’re working in, you’ll be testing games like “Barbie Island” or “Pink Unicorns” or other things like that; long story short, it’s a job that requires your dedication; it won’t reward your skills as a sharpshooter or driver… your ONLY task will be help developers polish the game by reporting bugs.

    Hope this info helps all of you who want to venture into this business.

  5. I’m 11 and I am interested in testing video games do i need a working permit or do i need to be 18

  6. hi iam from india,i dont know about this video game tester,i dont have experience can in join this

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