Video Game Testers Wanted

The game testing season is about to begin and many video game testers wanted at this time of the year. The CompuCom Applications Services is now preparing and hiring to fill the much needed game testers on this busiest season. The company is in need of interested candidates in all genres – from beginners to well experienced video game testers.

Game Tester Job Requirements

  • Must be passionate and enthusiastic about games.
  • Must have the strong interest in the games and gaming industry.
  • Excellent in written and oral communication skills.
  • Must be independent and very attentive to details.
  • Must be knowledgeable in MS Windows and MS Office applications.
  • Must be able to work with the other members in the team
  • Must be available and flexible on time shift schedules.
  • Punctual.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • At least High School graduate or GED (General Education Diploma).
  • Knowledgeable in troubleshooting and problem shooting.
  • Available to work overtime at short notice.
  • Must live within the Kirkland or Redmond, Washington or nearby.
  • Must be able to work at the office located in Redmond, Washington.

The CompuCom Applications job requirements for the video game tester positions are simple. However, if you have the more than what they are looking for, such as the Computer Science degree or other related, experienced in software testing, coding and scripting skills or some experience, you will have the great chance to have the job. Send your resume now and start working as one of the game testers in the very entertaining world of gaming industry by becoming a member of GamingJobOnline.

10 thoughts on “Video Game Testers Wanted

  1. Looking for an job as an home tester for video games.

    You can call me Mr. mom. unemployed for now. there are jobs in florida for men, the women have a better chance in working. I’m a man a need to do something more then cook, clean the house and watch ther children. Makes feel less then a man. Need work as a video games home tester.

    Some one please save me. Willing to go to school. Full sail University

  2. Im just really hoping get a job in this world that could make me happy and im hoping to become of a group of people that love doing what im doing also.

  3. I seriously want to become a game tester because I like to play games it’s my passion. I’ve been looking for a gaming company to employ me but no luck whatsoever. Is it because i live in Africa? Can someone please help me out? Please.

  4. i am just really hoping to get a job in the gaming world its the one thing i love to do is play video games

  5. hi,

    i been playing video games since i was a kid. i loves games. the creativity is amazing. i’ve played on different gaming systems xbox ps3 psp ds etc. im looking for paying job. i believe there should be more woman in the video game industry. thanks annalisa

  6. i am just someone who loves gaming i would do it all day if i could but sadly i nead money to fix my wii i have a xbox orignal i love halo halo 2 fable i want to save up to get a xbox 360 i will do any thing i will work 7 days a week 8 hour shifts and no breaks i will do any thing for this job i am realy excited i have tried lots of things that say “YOU WANT TO GET PAID TO SIT AT HOME AND DO NOTHING YOU WILL GET EXCETED AND U WILL GET PAID” and 6 weeks later you end up reading the 99.99$ book that u bout on how to be a game tester it just does not work so pleas let me ge the job pleas i think i deserve it pleas!!!.

  7. Hello

    I’m also looking for a job as a home video game tester.

    I’m 20 years old and i have been playing games for as long as i remember. I am capable of playing a game for over 15 houers straight and I’m very attentive to details, the smallest thing that’s wrong bothers me. I would realy love this kind of a job becous i love games and I like all kinds of games, it does not realy make a diferenc what kind of a game it is. Altho I do prefer rpg’s. :P

    I hope I’ll get a chance to proove myself. ;)

    thank you and good bye.

  8. Well, for starters, all of you game-tester wanna-be’s, to get hired for a company, you will need PROPER ENGLISH! if u iz takin lik this then u will not get a job. Also, the “attention to details” means that you are not playing the game for the storyline, because that has already been revised many times over, you are trying to find places where you can get out of a map, access an off-limits place, or other things you find as a cheat in other sites, because cheats are things that the incompetent gamers missed. I am looking for game testers, but I want people who have these attributes and also they will have to be willing to work for royalties (percentage of what the game makes) If anyone here is interested in that or being a programmer, 3D modeler, Sounds, lighting, ect. then drop me a line at radioactivethewarsbegin[at]
    and I will see about putting you on my Game Development Team. Thanks for your work, guys.

    Caleb Johnson

  9. I’m 15 years old and I live in Texas. I wonder if I’m at least in the required zone to be in Video Game Testing at home.

  10. im looking at ths site and there isnt anywhere to apply at… ok i play video games all most all day everyday iv been trying to try to get this job play video games @ get paid. plz call 9405957618.. i live n justin ill go far just to get this job

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