Want a Company that Pay $$$ for Playing Video Games? Read This

Where can you find an employer who would wants you to do nothing for eight hours but play in the office?  At the end of the day expects you to find errors on your “office-mate’s” work? I’m not kidding. You’ll get paid for it! The more faults you find means the better you are doing the job!

BUT it is not that simple. Well, basically, you have to have an aptitude in playing video game. Your skill level in playing does not necessarily need to be like that of a video game competition champion. As long as you have the passion for the game and you are able to spend long hours playing and scrutinizing the game, the video game tester job can be not only a part-time job for you but a career.

video game tester
You may not be aware but the video game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.  From video arcades, consoles, handheld games, computer, mobile phone applications, etc., the opportunity for employment grows as the industry flourish. Requirements to become a video game tester may vary because each company may have a set of standard for their own needs. Nevertheless, finding a job, either as a part-time or full time is not so difficult.  There are entry-level jobs as well as advanced levels. It will also depend if you have the computer technical skills aside from playing skill. To know more about the video game testing career and the companies that pay $$$ to test their games, please visit GamingJobsOnline.com.

8 thoughts on “Want a Company that Pay $$$ for Playing Video Games? Read This

  1. i am very interested to get a video game testing job. i am M. Sc. in Applied Physics and Electronics from a govt. university of BANGLADESH. I have some computer programing and graphics knowledge. But in this sector i am new. so, i am interested to do the job by $7/hour.

    please inform me regarding this news. i am waiting for your E-mail.


  2. Gaming is my life I was in love with the idea of getting paid for testing video games. Who ever come up with the idea is brilliant. I’m am very good with computers phone iPads and all that the fastest time I beat a game was in 3 hours and it was batman arkhum asylum. I love all types of games it is more of a passion then something to do when I have nothing to do. It’s more of testing the games then getting paid because there has been so many games the really dropped the ball or have failed to meat our expectation. I would like to get paid 5 dollars an hour. An I would more then love to work over time for gaming Maverick D. Parreott

  3. I love playing video game all day and night :) I want to be a game tester to. You should message me if your looking to hire somone .

  4. the web have some problem, i can’t ask something in the Contact Us section, it get error when i clik send and in the Contact tab at upper left conner. when i want to see whom i must contact in this company it became support section. i’m getting suspicious about this web and this company that saying “it easy to get a job that gave $160/day by became a game tester”. i didn’t see what game publisher that this company working for .

  5. Please pick me! I enjoy playing on line games! I have a hard time turning the computer off to go to sleep!

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