What Is It Like to Be a Video Game Tester?

Many of young adults who are passionate about video games aspire to get employment as video game testers without much idea with regards to the tasks and responsibilities that they are going to undertake. This has caused disappointments to some people who thought that being a video game tester is just as simple as getting paid by playing video games and nothing more.

So, in order for you to have some idea of what it is like to be video game tester, here are the two of the most basic tasks that you are more likely going to undertake as a game tester:

Video Game Quality Assurance

GDC09 poster – Quality Assurance in your Game Design Curricula By mike.rapa

Testing for Compliance

Compliance testing is checking if a new design [game] can meet the technical requirements of a particular platform. A game tester is expected to run the game to make sure that it meets the technical requirements needed to get a license before publication.

Compatibility Test

This is somewhat tedious task because a tester has to perform a certain task repeatedly in order to discover how a crash or any anomalies occur. To accomplish this task, the tester must record all his actions in order to determine if there is a particular pattern that leads to an error.

Video game testing jobs has been the stepping stone to a lot of successful game developers and video graphic designers; and you too can make it big in the future as you gain experience and expertise in this field.

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