Becoming a Game Tester – Takes More than Being a Game Lover

Aptitude in playing video games is somehow imperative to become a video game tester, but you don’t need to be a video game champion! You just have to be a game fanatic, someone with a heart, a gamer who need not beat the game but beat the odds – to find errors and bugs – for the love of the game.

Therefore you must be observant and have propensity to find glitches.  However, familiarity with various video games is an advantage as well as some technical knowledge.

Aside from simple technical know-how, tenacity and being responsible are also important qualities that you must possess. In the real world of video game testers, you may have to spend many hours not simply playing those video games like the way you would leisurely do at home, but rather, you sometimes have to play just a segment of the game over and over to check for errors & glitch.

Excellent communication skill in oral and written form is also important. You need to make reports about the bugs and errors that you will discover, and relay the information to the game programmers in order for them to solve it. This makes video game tester a part of product research and development team.

All in all, it takes a passionate gamer to become a video game tester. As a veterinarian must have deep concern for the health and welfare of animals, similarly to the video game testers. They must perform their tasks not simply to enjoy playing games and get paid, but to dedicate their passion to the refinement of video games to comply with the quality assurance.

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